CALICO: checking out connectivity in banquet room


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CALICO: checking out connectivity in banquet room

GN and I investigated the dining room situation. We found that it's actually an L-shaped room in three parts, of which I expect only two parts will be used (GN has a floor plan). There are two ethernet ports, one at each end of the L, of which only one (D36) appears to be connected; Greg is confirming this with networking now. Port D41 is not in the database at all, so it may never have been connected. Assuming the event were taking place in the part of the L that contains the working port (the South Dining Room, which has port D36), and assuming we placed the speaker at the end of the room towards the bottom of the plan, and ran a long ethernet cable away from the speaker to the video setup, then we would probably be able to provide connectivity.

On the other hand, if the event is taking place in the North Dining Room, then there may not be a connected ethernet port.

So it's important we find out which part of the dining room will be used. In previous events, we've used the North bit or the South bit, including the middle bit (North + middle bit giving a long thin room across the top of the plan, or South + middle bit giving a slightly smaller room running down from the top). It's also conceivable the whole room would be used, but in that case a speaker at either end would be invisible to some diners, so that's not so likely.

I've written to DA to find out; CC's memory of the arrangements is that it would be the North room that would be used, which would unfortunately be the wrong orientation entirely.


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