CALICO: created a t-shirt logo


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CALICO: created a t-shirt logo

Finished a logo I'd started building a while ago, intended for the tech support t-shirts. For future reference: to duplicate the logo from the CALICO site, I did this:

  • Took an appropriate globe image from, and tweaked the colours so that the sea is white and the land black. This forms the final O.
  • Typed the first four letters in URW Gothic L (bold), and then turned them into paths.
  • Node-edited the C to change the angle of the line terminations. This was finicky, but I put a capital O underneath in red, so I could keep the shape as close as possible to that.
  • Cloned the edited C to form the second C.
  • The letters still weren't quite bold enough, so I added a black Stroke to the objects (width 1px).
  • Combined the letters and the globe to create the CALICO logo.
  • Used a digit 2 followed by upper-case O and lower-case l to create the year.
  • Imported a UVic logo and changed its text to white.
  • Created the date part using Myriad Pro Semi-Bold, and sized it appropriately.

Sent this out for approval by various folks.


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