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sent out two invoices

Sent out "invoices" to two French researchers (HC and EdR) for HCMC resources. Following the system I worked out with AS in dean's office:
I get research account number from researcher
I write up invoice with reference to dh cttee approval of terms and specified costs and research and hcmc account number
I send it to them and ask them to forward it to AS with authorization for Journal Entry.
AS does the journal entry.

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admin meeting with dean

Half hour with dean on:
allocation of space or other resources dedicated to one project for more than a year,
flexibility of terms for use of resources
participation in etcl workshop coming up

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dh ctte chair : various admin conversations

Had email and in-person conversations with MC and SB on various issues: OK to put in for an IRG for a proposal that's still before the committee, pros and cons of HCMC charging researchers for work done for IRG-funded projects, etc. Most will find their way to the agenda of the next DH ctte meeting.


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