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Volunteer training sessions

Did two training sessions today, including walk-throughs of actual rooms, and tours to Cadboro Commons. Also tested some ports and investigated storage options in Cad Commons (there are basically none).


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Ongoing: working my way through JavaScript.

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Administrative - office operations

Received invoiced payment from HB (1st Qtr 2011); deposited cheque; obtained receipt, filed paperwork/receipt in HCMC records; sent
email confirmation to MDH,SA.


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Calico meeting

Points from the meeting:

  • All required network ports are turned on, and will be switched over to the conference VLAN the day before the conference.
  • T-shirts are printed, and look good. They're stashed in HCMC.
  • Signage: we've agreed on 10 outdoor signs, and we'll circulate a map to agree on where to place them. We'll have to get them printed on something vaguely waterproof; Zap can do that. Indoor signs we'll handle ourselves. MDH will circulate a map next week, and design a generic sign, which we can customize once we know the locations.
  • No response from Walmart on phones yet. The phone issue is looking very complicated and expensive, so we resolved not to worry about it; we'll ensure that the two volunteers without phones are next to volunteers who do have them. There are also courtesy phones dotted around the buildings; we can check on the nearest ones from our presentation rooms.
  • The splitter issue for PCs is being dealt with. AV have at least three splitters; HCMC has one; and HCMC also has some old graphics cards that might help. If we don't find enough solutions, we can rent splitters from Sharps.
  • Video streaming: just streaming over a regular ethernet connection is not likely to be successful, so GN will investigate with AE the possibility of getting the relevant ports switched to a system which can handle the traffic. For audio, AE will also investigate getting a feed from the PA in Bob Wright A104; in the dining room, the best option might be a shotgun mic, which AE can provide. I've written to MS to get details of the camera he's bringing.
  • The rented Mac laptops solve one problem for us, but create another: security. We devised a plan for storing them securely during lunchtimes and overnight.
  • Temporary ids for wifi logon will be provided as a spreadsheet, which we can print, cut up, and have the registration folks distribute.
  • CC will check with Cad Commons to see if we can get keys to lock the presentation rooms (e.g. during lunch), and whether we can also get a key for the little storage room in (we think?) Queenswood.
  • For training sessions next week:
    • Sessions are in A010.
    • PF will make sure that there's at least one PC that's similar to what will be used for the conference rooms available.
    • CC will attend, and will bring a Mac laptop and a dongle for it.
    • MDH will also bring a Windows laptop (and Linux).
    • We will collect: phone numbers and emails of volunteers, and dates/times when they're not available.
    • We will distribute: key emergency phone numbers (HCMC, AV, MDH, GN, Help desk, ???).
    • We'll have them hook up and unhook PC and Mac a few times, and deal with some obvious problems.
    • We will take the volunteers to look at the rooms in Clearihue and in Cad Commons.


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In order to apply to the various websites I'm working on (e.g. LATAM) I've started learning JavaScript. Currently working my way through the tutorials.


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Meeting with Systems re VMs for INKE

Met with MR, along with JA, GN and CL, and RS on Skype, to discuss the provisioning and admin of VMS for the INKE project. Made good progress; my summary sent out to everyone by email.

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Submitting expenses for Chicago

The usual form-filling and photocopying. Mailed in the package and also posted a zip copy as backup.


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Connect U registration

Registered for Connect U conference, Thursday, June 2

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Latin American Studies Website

Received request from BAK today for changes/edits to website:

Updated website:
- All pages: included new upcoming conference information in right column
- Current Events page: included upcoming conference info.
- Home Page: edited first sentence as requested

To be done:
- prep additional images
- set up archival method of Past Events


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CALICO: checking out connectivity in banquet room

GN and I investigated the dining room situation. We found that it's actually an L-shaped room in three parts, of which I expect only two parts will be used (GN has a floor plan). There are two ethernet ports, one at each end of the L, of which only one (D36) appears to be connected; Greg is confirming this with networking now. Port D41 is not in the database at all, so it may never have been connected. Assuming the event were taking place in the part of the L that contains the working port (the South Dining Room, which has port D36), and assuming we placed the speaker at the end of the room towards the bottom of the plan, and ran a long ethernet cable away from the speaker to the video setup, then we would probably be able to provide connectivity.

On the other hand, if the event is taking place in the North Dining Room, then there may not be a connected ethernet port.

So it's important we find out which part of the dining room will be used. In previous events, we've used the North bit or the South bit, including the middle bit (North + middle bit giving a long thin room across the top of the plan, or South + middle bit giving a slightly smaller room running down from the top). It's also conceivable the whole room would be used, but in that case a speaker at either end would be invisible to some diners, so that's not so likely.

I've written to DA to find out; CC's memory of the arrangements is that it would be the North room that would be used, which would unfortunately be the wrong orientation entirely.


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Administrative - office operations

As instructed emailed Facilities Management with HCMC exterior windows cleaning request.
No charge for service as building is part of KIP project.
Service request in queue.


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CALICO: new requirement to do live video streaming

The CALICO team phoned to check on the possibilities for live streaming of the keynote and the banquet presentation. This was previously definitely off the table, so we hadn't prepared for it. It will require wired ethernet. Went over to check the Bob Wright room, and it looks like there's good wired connectivity available there, so that shouldn't be a problem. The banquet is in the Cadboro Dining Room, which is an unknown quantity right now. We've written to ask about what's available there.

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Accounting stuff for eoy

Did one last trawl through last year's accounts with JN, and checked everything. All appears to be OK, with errors we previously identified now corrected. Saved and printed copies of the main spreadsheets so we have a paper record.

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Did Mariage and workstudy timesheets in advance because I'll be away next week.


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Award meeting

Attendance at Liddell Award meeting.

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CALICO meeting

CALICO meeting to discuss the issue of Macs for presentation rooms. Later obviated by news from EH that CALICO will supply Mac laptops. Now replaced by the issue of security for these laptops.

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Registered for DH 2011 conference and booked housing

Took a while to get through this process -- their server seemed to get confused at one point, and was insisting I pay for something I'd already paid for before I could go ahead and pay for the other thing...


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CALICO phones

Did another review of what's available in terms of "disposable" cellphones. The $20 phones Rogers had last year seem to have disappeared; looked at Telus, Fido, Koodo, Chatr, Virgin and a couple of others, as well as contacting 7-Eleven stores and Walmart. The cheapest option at this point seems to be Walmart, where you can get a Samsung R100 phone for $28.83 + tax; if you then activate that phone directly through Telus, and do it online, you get $20 of talk time, which would amount to about an hour of talk time.

Timing is the key to this, though, because these phones go in and out of stock (the $20 Rogers phones that were available last year seem to have disappeared now). Walmart only have a couple of those Samsung phones at the moment, but they have a bunch on order, and they're going to call me when they come in. The Telus website has an ominous mention of the possibility that you might "need to purchase a Starter Kit during the activation process" -- it's not clear what that might cost.

We've also been talking about the possibility of doing this a slightly different way, though. My guess is that the majority of our volunteers will have cellphones already (certainly Greg, Jamie and I do), and most people would be happy to use their own cellphones. We could cut our costs by if volunteers were prepared to use their own phone while "on duty". We could gather people's cellphone numbers at or before the training workshops, and have them program the key numbers in at the workshops. They wouldn't need each other's numbers, just the numbers of the main emergency contacts (HCMC, AV, and our roving tech support people). And we wouldn't have the hassle of collecting and handing out a batch of phones every day. We'd just have to have the list of all the volunteers' numbers, and the schedule for where and when they're going to be on duty.

There would obviously be the problem of our two out-of-town tech support folks, whose phones would be from the US, so they'd be paying a US roaming rate, but I suspect that at the end of the day, having CALICO reimburse them for any charges incurred calling in Canada would be cheaper than buying a batch of phones.

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Liddell Award evaluation

Did detailed technical evaluations of the candidates for this year's Liddell Award, for the committee.

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Meeting with AR re hums sites in cms

Met with AR: there have been responses from the Info Architects to the proposed navigation which will necessitate some changes, and also we need to complete a Project-Lite-Web document for the Info Architects to consult when evaluating the navigation plan. Looking ahead, I need to check with DW about how static content such as Hispanital's exams and interactive exercises could be integrated.


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