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CALICO meeting

Highlights from today's meeting:

  • T-shirts: the order should go in soon. We have decided on a larger image on the back of the t-shirt, and we're trying to get as many as we can for the $500 budget (it's a 2-colour design), and we want to have around 20 medium, 20 large and 10 XL. I'll put in a more detailed quote request on Monday, then we can put the order in through Purchasing.
  • Networking: Greg and I will do a walkaround through the rooms early Monday and note down all the port numbers, check which ones we want to be using (especially in Cadboro Commons), and contact MG at the Helpdesk to arrange to have them turned on where necessary, and get the all switched over to the conference VLAN for the time of the conference. The latter will avoid the automated logout that's plagued conference sessions in the past. In CC rooms, we'll check whether we're going to need some long ethernet cables.
  • Volunteer training: We've tentatively scheduled two training sessions for volunteers, on April 28th at 10.30 and 2.30. The objective will be to hold them in a lab room which has PCs with the same build of XP that will be on the conference machines, and also bring some other PC and Mac laptops and USB keys so that people can get used to hooking things up. I've written to MT to ask about booking a room.
  • PCs for conference rooms: MT will provide 8 identical machines (one is a spare), of a vintage which makes them unattractive to thieves, and we'll tether them. This should obviate the need to move them between storage and presentation rooms every night.
  • Signage: We will print all the indoor signs ourselves, using the same logo as is on the t-shirts, and we'll look at Zap and Island Blue for possible printing of waterproof signs (maybe just laminating them). We'll also look at the possibility of putting URLs on the signs in barcode format, pointing at Google Maps locations, so that people with cellphones can get instant feedback on where they are. CC will contact EH to find out who's going to be responsible for providing maps for the registration package. I've contacted FacMan about rules and guidelines for putting up signs.
  • Phones: Martin will contact Rogers in the first week of April (no point in contacting them too far in advance) to see about a batch of cheap phones loaded with minutes.


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