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Project proposal form: plans

Stew, Martin and Greg discussed the project proposal submission form, which is still not working. The issue was how it should submit itself, and where to. The proposed solution is:

  • We create a mySQL user with privileges to insert into the evo_posts and evo_postcats table.
  • We create a B2Evo user with the same name (but different pw).
  • We create a new category in Admin: "Proposals".
  • The form lives on the HCMC website.
  • It calls a PHP script which also lives there.
  • The script creates an SQL connection to the B2Evo database.
  • The script builds an insert to push a post into the evo_posts table. For this, it needs the mySQL user id and pw, and also the ids for the Admin blog and its Proposals and Tasks categories. It includes relevant data for tasks (such as deadline) and assignee (for which it needs Scott's id). The deadline for Scott to respond is one or two weeks from the date of submission.
  • The script inserts the post, including the Proposals cat id, and gets the post id back from the db.
  • The script then creates two entries in the evo_postcats table linking the post id to each of the category ids.
  • Finally, the script sends an email to the submitter giving the location of the Admin blog, where the proposal can be found (perhaps including a filter for Proposals category only).

We then notice the submission on the RSS feeds, and respond as appropriate.

Assigning this to Stew, although I'll provide the relevant details on the B2Evo db as he requires them.

Posting minutes spent in the discussion, and also in documenting the details of the plan.


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Administrative - Scheduling



SEA 100B-LS01: Lab date & time change requested.
Result: re-scheduled to Wed; 8:30-9:30 am, Lab B.

German & Slavic Studies Dept:
German lab reservation assistance for 2007/08.

Date: May 7, 2007
User: AP French Testing (High School)

Request: Classroom May 7; 12-2; for written French exam
Booked: via Room Bookings, CLE C111 12-2 confirmed

Lab Request: Lab B for AP French Testing (12-4:00 pm)
Coordinators: Scott Gerrity, Joanne (Fr.Instructor)

June 18-22, 2007 both Labs B&C reserved full days for Humanities Summer Institute.


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Blog feed to the HCMC site?

I think it's time we considered whether we want to add some kind of blog feed (latest news, or whatever) to the main HCMC Website. What form should it take, where should it go, and what should it feed? All Blogs is probably the best option for a feed. It would change many times a day, so the obsolescence issue isn't a problem.


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TASK: Online form for creating project proposal

We need an online form for potential clients to fill in, to create a formal project proposal (the word "Charter" is meaningless in this context and just confuses us all).

This should submit to simple mySQL database, and perhaps link in to the blogging system so e.g. when one is submitted, a Task could be created automatically. What's urgently required, though, is a form for creating the document. It should be a set of db fields, along with an XHTML output routine that enables us to read it easily (and perhaps edit it using the original form). The immediate task is to build the form, db and output format; after that's done, another task should be created (perhaps for Martin) integrating it into the blog system.

Stew and I discussed this (15 minutes).

I have written a web page including a form and simple data checking at hcmc/researcher/proposal.php.

This task superceded by task posted at end of January with more details on how that is to interact with the b2evo db.


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Exams in labs

The following exams are scheduled to take place in the labs.
Date       Exam
Nov. 24: 410g_form_a
Nov. 24: 330_form_a
Nov. 27: 490g_form_a
Nov. 28: 490a_form_a


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Buy a DVD player for the labs

We need a DVD player to add to the media cart for the labs.
I'm looking for a region-free DVD player that will play PAL and NTSC without a converter, like this one.
I'll talk to City Centre T.V. (477-6971) in University Heights.

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CANJAS task - get cart upgraded

The cart in Lab B needs to be "upgraded" to accommodate the CANJAS hardware. Specifically, it needs:
  1. some method for securing the TV to the cart, preferably a screw-down restraint system
  2. a better lock in the bottom cabinet, or at least a key for the existing one
  3. air-filled tires. The hard ones are jarring on electronic equipment when driven over a bump
  4. a plate for mounting the camera. It can be screwed down in front of the TV.
  5. to have the top shelf lowered to the minimum height - very straightforward
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CANJAS task - purchase LCD

Take a laptop to London Drugs and check to see whether:

  1. the TV can easily resolve a 4:3 signal without stretching it

  2. my laptop recognizes the TV as a monitor

  3. the PIP function is usable, given our needs

  4. the box will fit in my van (or does it need to be delivered?)

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