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Switch from @rend to @style

I've converted all the documents and updated all the XSLT, and the site appears to be working fine both on Peach and on Pear, but the app won't start on my local machine, which is worrying. I need to port this to a new eXist asap.


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Meeting with CC, and work on Le Blanc and Ville Thierry

Worked on the layout CSS for the Le Blanc and Ville Thierry documents. The difficulty of setting the page width adequately so that text isn't grouped too far to the left, without triggering the occasional line-wrap, is a continual problem, but we're getting to a good approximation for these two documents. I still need to move from @rend to @style -- that will be done when I get back from ICLDC3.


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Changes to encoding and rendering of references

Task arising out of meeting with CC 2012-12-03:

  1. In references, any <ref> element in listBibl should be converted to a <ptr> element.
  2. Encoding instructions/documentation should be updated to reflect this.
  3. When rendering, the target attribute of the ptr should be used to create a link out of the first component in the reference (title of an article, etc.).


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Addition of SVN props to files; creation of introductory text

In preparation for CB joining the project this afternoon, I've written a beginner's-intro-to-Mariage document, which we'll probably expand as time goes on. I've also brought the SVN instructions into the repository, and added SVN Properties to the head of all the XML files, to give us a bit more instant trackability.


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Meeting, and fixes to menus, text classifications, and links

Met with CC to go over the grant application, and then to assess the current state of the site and the plan for this semester's work. Made a variety of fixes to site information, menus etc., simplified the text classification system, and made a lot of fixes to metadata and links in several of the more recent long texts.


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Remaining CSS errors corrected

Over 300 errors in CSS now corrected.


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CSS error correction

Generated a single-file corpus from the collection, and ran css.xsl on it to generate a "stylesheet" which could be validated. There were over 300 errors, so I've been working through them, fixing typos and other problems with CSS in @rend attributes. I've got about half of them done so far.

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Fixed search bug (and some encoding issues)

Fixed the search bug that was returning multiple copies of the same search hit in the results; it was caused by failing to take account of cases where there were multiple search hits with the same parent. Also found a bunch of bad CSS values in @rend attributes and fixed them. I need to do a formal search through the whole corpus for these.

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Fixed a search bug; one more outstanding

I noticed the other day that when you clicked on a search hit in the search results, the link took you to the relevant document, but not to the specific hit you clicked on. I've now fixed that, but another one persists; for some hits in some documents, the same hit is being returned multiple times in the results. Working on that now...


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Formalizing our text categorization

We're currently using a rather messy textual classification method based on the use of <textClass> and <classCode> pointing at a non-existent scheme, and what's more, our classification codes seem to overlap a bit, and fall into two distinct classes. I think it's time to revisit this aspect of our encoding, and put it on a sound formal basis. To that end, I have:

  • Created a new file in /mariage/ called global_metadata.xml, in which we can centralize a variety of metadata and link to it (this should include thinks such as availability/licensing, eventually).
  • Modified the ODD file and generated a new schema to allow for the creation of taxonomies. In the process, I also fixed the oddity whereby <revisionDesc>/@status was only able to be set to "proofing". We now have a set of document status values which I think will be more useful.
  • Created an initial taxonomy of textual types which matches what we currently have.
  • Summarized the issue for CC and asked for guidance on how to continue.

I think we need two separate taxonomies, one for text types and one for content types (e.g. prose vs religion). Then we can add any number of <textClass> elements to any given document, pointing at the specific scheme and code, and use these to filter documents in specialist TOCs and in the search interface.

We should also presumably look for any existing applicable taxonomies that we could adopt.

This arises out of my preparation of the documents for submission to the TAPAS project, which required some standardization of data in the headers. I also removed the pointless "An Electronic Edition" subtitle from all our documents, and tweaked a couple of other things.

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Faut-il se marier? La question de Panurge s’avère incontournable en Occident, surtout à partir de la contre-réforme. Des débuts de la Concile de Trente en 1545 jusqu’à la fin du règne de Louis XIV, la tentative de renouveler le mariage se heurte en France à l’intervention croissante de la monarchie dans cette institution dominée auparavent par l’Église. La rencontre entre ces deux autorités fut tumultueuse mais propice au foisonnement des documents qui font l’objet de ce site : « l’imaginaire nuptial » se compose de divers genres textuels, chacun ayant son caractère propre, mais tous traitant des peurs, des désirs et des fantasmes de plus en plus visibles dans la société d’Ancien Régime grâce aux débats soulevés par la nouvelle problématique de l’union conjugale. L’accent pour le moment est sur les textes et images misogames qui font partie d’un renouveau de la Querelle des femmes pendant les 25 premières années du XVIIe siècle.



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