create new rng using oddbyexample


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create new rng using oddbyexample

With critical input from Martin on the syntax of the java command, I managed to create a new rng file derived from the existing data files using the oddbyexample utility from TEI.

Here are my notes.

minimal instructions here:

download for saxon jar files :

download for oddbyexample.xsl and getfiles.xsl :

my setup:
in folder: /System/Library/Java/Extensions (which is in the java classpath)
- saxon9he.jar (working jar file in System)
- saxon9-unpack.jar (working jar file in System)

all other files in folder: /Users/sarneil/Documents/Projects/french/FrancoToile/oddbyexample/
- data folder containing all the data files to use in creating the odd file (I removed child values folder)
- oddbyexample.xsl
- getfiles.xsl
- saxon9he.jar (backup of jar file in System, not used otherwise)
- saxon9-unpack.jar (backup of jar file in System, not used otherwise)
- ftodd (file created by running the java command below)
- francotoile.rng (file created by running ftodd file through Roma as detailed below)
- this readme file.

command I issued:
java -jar /System/Library/Java/Extensions/saxon9he.jar -it:main -o:/Users/sarneil/Documents/Projects/french/FrancoToile/oddbyexample/ftodd /Users/sarneil/Documents/Projects/french/FrancoToile/oddbyexample/oddbyexample.xsl corpus=/Users/sarneil/Documents/Projects/french/FrancoToile/oddbyexample/data

Everything (i.e. paths) is spelled out explicitly as otherwise there's just too much voodoo magic for me.
Tell java to run the jar file specified in the following argument (i.e. saxon9he.jar)
The -it switch presumably tells java which class to run first (not sure).
The -o switch provides the path and file name for the output file (e.g. /root/path/path/path/nameOfODDfile)
The next argument provides the path and file name of the oddbyexample.xsl file to run
The corpus= argument provides the path to the folder containing the tei data files to run the oddbyexample.xsl against to generate the ftodd file

Once you've the odd file
Go to
Click the Open existing customization button and browse to the odd file you've just created
Click the start button
In the Customize tab, change the filename to what you want your schema's filename to be (e.g. francotoile) without any extension
Click the save button
In the Schema tab, select RELAX NG schema (XML syntax) not compact syntax
Click the generate button
Roma will generate the file francotoile.rng (using the name you provided and the extension based on the schema format you selected)
Save that file and move it wherever you want it to go.

Where the data files are expecting that rng file to be for francotoile:

Will test shortly.


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