Meeting with KL and RE to discuss future plans for servers


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Meeting with KL and RE to discuss future plans for servers

These are the resulting plans:

  • SVN and TRAC will be moved from Lettuce to a new VM. RE will take care of that by the end of November. That machine will be managed by Sysadmin, although we will have admin over SVN (creation of repos, management of users).
  • Greg will check out whether the VMWare license allows the use of a VM as a member of the cluster. If this is allowed, RE will build a VM and add it to the cluster. Sysadmin will manage this VM too, along with the other cluster nodes.
  • Map of London will be ported by the end of November (excepting the experimental map, which will be rebuilt by Greg and Martin later).
  • Lettuce will be brought down during the first half of December, rebuilt, and added to the cluster.
  • The new DB server will be purchased soon, and built up with the latest RedHat, PostgreSQL and MySQL. We shall call it Orange.
  • Project data will be ported from Cress to the new DB server early in the new year.
  • Chard will be rebuilt as the backup for Pear, and we will write scripts to keep it in sync.
  • Cress will be rebuilt as the "warm mirror" for the new db server.
  • Arugula will need to be upgraded from Redhat 4 to Redhat 5 or 6 64-bit at some point; Sysadmin will warn us in advance of outages etc.


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