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With ED and SK, porting over diagnostics that are now cleared into schematron where possible.


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SVN conflict resolution

Working with the Moses team to help resolve a conflict in SVN and helping E with XSLT.


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Created metadata.xml

Attempted to run the improved Endings diagnostics code against Moses and realized that the "psn" and "m" prefix weren't defined whatsoever. After consulting with MH, SK, and ED, I created metadata.xml and defined the prefixes as best as I could. This put up a few errors with psn pointers; I fixed what I could and then added a diagnostics to the Moses build.


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Meeting/discussion and followup transformation

Met with SK and ECH and discussed a number of remaining issues that might be amenable to algorithmic approaches; one was decided on (removing stress marks from phonemic segs in inferred roots), and I wrote and tested the required transformation, then ran it on the data at the end of the day.


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Hard-run of cit-duplicating-entry commenting-out xslt

Ran it on these files:

affix_aspectual, affix_glot-ix, affix_k-m, affix_n-t, affix_u-CAPs, lex-pref, lex-suf, particles,pron

and committed the results. SMK now checking.


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cits duplicating entries now working

Finished and tested the XSLT from yesterday; SMK will check results before we hard-run it and change the data.


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feature structures for numbers

Further to our discussions on numbers, I have added the following to feature_system.xml

1) wordType numberStem. So ECH will add this <fs> to the number stems 1-10.

<f name="numberStem">
<binary value="true"/>

2) countingType "ten"

I have also added the following <fs> to lexical suffix "akst-2", so ECH can use this morpheme for marking up the numbers 30, 40 ... 90.

<f name="baseType">
<symbol value="affix"/>
<f name="positionType">
<symbol value="suffix"/>
<f name="affixType">
<symbol value="derivational"/>
<f name="derivationalType">
<symbol value="lexical"/>
<symbol value="counting"/>
<f name="countingType">
<symbol value="ten"/>

MDH will then search for entries with this <fs> to build a test column for the table of numerical expressions. We can subsequently add more countingType values to the feature system, and to the entries for the appropriate lexical suffixes with classifier functions, and generate more columns for the table.


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Discussions on numbers

Discussions and decisions on how to handle numbers and counters: new wordType of cardinalNumeral, new lexicalSuffix type of numeralClassifier. These will be applied, and then harvesting will be done to generate a table of numerical expressions which will form the basis of decisions on how/whether to create a special section in the print dictionary.


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New Schematron rule; fixes to PDF build

SK pointed out that the English-Moses index was sorting Js to the end, and indeed when I looked at the collation that we're using for all sorting (MosesPhonemicCollation, which is designed to handle both English and Moses), J was omitted from the sequence. I added it to the source, installed NetBeans and recompiled the jar, and all seems to be well. I was happy to see that NetBeans was its usual trouble-free self; installed quickly, worked out of the box, and although it complained that a dependency ("hamcrest") was missing from the project, it added it for me, resolving the issue painlessly.

Also added a new Schematron rule to the set, to catch entries with no pron/seg[@type='p'], at SK's request; that caught 19 additional errors, which she's fixing.


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Added new temporary diagnostics report to the build

Per SK's request, new report on entries ending with a specific sequence of chars.

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