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Working on TEI tickets

Release is due in three weeks. Working on additions to the header chapter.

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More progress on XSLT

Isolated seven more problematic transactions, and fixed two of them (bad dates); started creating xsl:keys to speed up processing, and mapped tract and property information into transactions.

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vpn : implement search by date range

Finally figured out how to successfully implement a data range search.

In plugins/vpn-search/form_advanced.php page, I added the two elements to the search form.

In plugins/vpn-search/vpn-search.php, I modified the getAdvancedConditons method (which constructs the conditions for the WHERE clause in the SQL query) by adding special cases to deal with table.field values of poems.po_date and poems.po_date2. There is no po_date2 field in the poems table, so the special case code inserts "po_date" instead of "po_date2". The reason I'm using a bogus table.field identifier is explained below

In plugins/vpn-search/classes/VPNFormBuilder.php, the fieldMap array uses a table.field name as the key and the id of the element in the GUI as the value. Code assumes a one-to-one relationship between GUI elements and table.field specifier. I needed to add two new key-value pairs, but the two new elements both are associated with the same table.field. I can't use the same key for more than one value, so I created a bogus table.field value (poems.po_date2) and then special-cased that value in the code in vpn-search.

At the moment, the date-range-start and date-range-end fields accept four digit years, and if crazy values are inserted, no checking is done and the user just gets 0 hits.

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etcl : fine-tune and document circleMagic DevMS code

Added code to the scraper php file so it:
- displays the status of the processing of each record
- generates a table of contents file with the name of each htm file containing a CircleMagic player and link to it, and the name of each record in the DevMS Wikibook and a link to that record's URL, and includes a link to that TofC page at the end of the report log on the php page.

Wrote a readme.txt file which details
- the required folders and files
- the structure of the XML needed for circleMagic
- naming conventions for the files generated by the scraper
- how the 2 template files work
- notes on wikibooks API and GUI for testing

Added a bunch of inline documentation to the scraper.php file.

Ran it on the full DevMS wikibook and generated 241 x 2 - 482 files. CC reviewed and approved.

CC reviewed

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etcl : write code to scrape DevMS wikibook and generate circleMagic output

Wrote a scraper php page which when it is opened in a browser: - queries the number of records in the Devonshire Manuscript wikibooks project to be processed and displays that number - scrapes each of the records in the Devonshire Manuscript project on wikibooks - generates an XML file constructed to work with the circleMagic player for that record - generates an htm file that includes an instance of a call to the player with the appropriate XML data file The XML is idiosyncratic and based on examples provided with the circleMagic code. CircleMagic can't handle an XML data file with more than 7 "source" elements (which in this implementation are used to identify contributors for that page). I included in the php code which comments out all source elements after 7 in any xml file, and displays a warning to the user as well as on the generated html page that displays the circleMagic player. CircleMagic's processing from the XML structure to the circular GUI is also idiosyncractic, but I've posted on that previously. Other potential constraints eventually imposed by the wikibooks API : - returns a maximum of 500 hits to the query asking for all the pages in the DevMS collection - returns a maximum of 500 hits to the query asking for the number of revisions to a page. The most revisions on any page so far is about 200, so it will be a while before that limit is reached.
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CLI tricks - sudo permission denied

Bash commands using sudo AND redirect can fail on the redirect because sudo permissions are not passed on to the next stage in your command.

For example, the following failed for me with a permission denied error:
sudo echo "something important" >> /etc/apt//mirror.list

It failed because the bit after the final double-quote is a redirect apparently, and not part of the original echo command. The solution is to wrap the whole thing up thusly:
sudo bash -c "echo \"something important\" >> /etc/apt//mirror.list"

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New request for fields in transaction view

Suggestion from JS-R:

Maybe three variables.

1. A "true"/"false" variable--is at least one of the buyers an institution?

2. If true, what is the institution type:
	(1) Ethnic
	(2) Private
	(3) Public
	(4) Multiple

3. If there is only one institution among the buyers, what is its name?

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