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MDH: 166 + 2 = 168 hours G&T

Out of the office for a few hours to go to VIU, so stayed late to keep projects moving forward...

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Attended DH-Theory group meeting at VIU

Up to Duncan to hear JS deliver a talk on "Drop the Digital". Excellent stuff.

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Graves: Converting markup to P5

Made significant progress today writing XSLT to convert the rather screwed-up P4 encoding we currently have into P5. Lots of time spent on a few small issues, such as converting <handList> and contents, whose more obscure attributes don't map easily onto the P5 <handNote>. I now have valid working output from my sample abstract and entry files. However, there is more I'd like to do in terms of tweaking attribute values such as @type on <div>, and @xml:ids. I also want to try to pull out some key information (dates etc.) which is currently available in the transcription and/or in attributes such as @n or @id, and record it formally in the headers.

Following that, I'll need to convert the project metadata file, and then the dreaded ography stuff, which is not TEI at all.

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Repo tweak

Wrote a little script that makes it easier to add a repo to a live apt-mirror and added it to the apt machine admin user's home directory - it's called
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Latin American Studies Website

Updated website with new employment opportunity information.
Sent email confirming update completion to BAK (cc'd SA)

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