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GRS : get ball rolling on site proposal

Turns out that the GRS site proposal hasn't got past JS, which she and Judy try to schedule a meeting. I proposed a day and time which worked out. We got input from JS, and submitted an updated proposal after getting OK from BB. JS is expediting the provisioning of the site in advance of cascade training session next week, and we expect to hear back from information architects at about the same time.
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upload updated date files, hold off on other modifications

ES emailed me regarding four updated data files and a handful of bugs/requests. I uploaded the data files to the server, but as they are testing the site with students in the next couple of weeks, I'm holding off on modifying any code until that's done, as none of the problems are show-stoppers.
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remove link to conference from GRS dept site

removed a couple of instance of links and navigation items from the GRS site which pointed to the visualizing antiquities conference, which is over.
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page on verigin site missing

User reported a 404 for a URL they provided to me. I looked around the site and noticed that by removing one of the folders in the pathname, the URL pointed to an existing file. User confirmed that was the file they were expecting to see, so I changed that link and looked for any other links that had the same, incorrect pathname and corrected all other instances I found.
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phil : update summer handbook

update 2 files in the summer handbook, post updated file to site
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Siberian : user permissions problems for editing

BI logged in as user isitt and created a page. The site expects pages to be owned by siberian, so wouldn't display that page. Had to log in as siberian (and for some reason we had problems doing that, so had to get the password reset), duplicate the page and then delete the version owned by isitt, and all was fine.
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review floor plans

In response to conversations with RS and JA, looked at the floorplans for the area between the call and the B-wing hallway to confirm what's where.
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get new data set

JL came in with a new data set he wants to have incorporated into the VIHistory site. He provided a spreadsheet of building permits issued between 1860 and 1921. Initially all we'll do is create a new table and a user interface to query and report that table. Later we'll worry about more global searches (e.g. of street addresses) that go through this data set as well as any others.

He'd like it done by end of April, but I'm not sure I can make that deadline.

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SA G&T 14.0 + 2.0 = 16.0 hours

week of Apr 2 - Apr 6 M +0.5 hold for, T +0.5 job interviews , W +0.5 problem with hash validation in beanstream, R +0.5 prep for dh ctte meeting, F statutory
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MDH: 164 - 1 = 163 hours G&T

Leaving early.

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NLP course: week 4 video 2 notes

Notetaking on the second video for week 4.

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MVP: more -ography work

Today I've done a lot of regex work on the TPS files to do the following:

  • Change <persName> tags to <rs>.
  • Remove underscore-suffixes from @ref and @who attributes.
  • Replace target file names with serOgraphies.xml for <rs> and <placeName> tags.

I've also beefed up the output so that the stats for speeches are now properly encoded and identified, and I've supplied a CSS file which makes it possible to read the stats in a browser from the serOgraphies.xml file. Also helped KT with a bit of troubleshooting with a file versioning/rollback issue.

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GRS - website

Entered today all primaries, secondaries and some sub-secondaries on the site.
Remainder of site in progress.

Sent email to BB, SB (GRS) cc'd SA advising what has been done to date.
BB, SB both attending Cascade training session next week.

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More work on matching ContentDM data with our maps

I've done some preliminary alignment with XSLT to find out which maps we have which can be matched with entries from ContentDM:

  • 176 items have matching Penfold numbers. These would be reliable matches.
  • I've matched a further 9 items based on catalogue ids.
  • One item where we have a Penfold number appears not to have a match in ContentDM. This is #549, mpg_1-557_3_queen_charlotte_sound_1792, which seems to be missing from ContentDM.
  • 76 items in ContentDM have no match (via Penfold) in our collection.
  • In addition to #549, 33 items in our collection have no match in ContentDM.

It seems likely that many of these items actually do match, but because they have no Penfold numbers or matching ids, I'll have to match them with some sort of fuzzy matching approach.

I regenerated my map_lookup.xml file with a bit of added data:

xquery version "1.0";

declare default element namespace "";
declare namespace tei = "";

<maps xmlns="">
for $t in //tei:TEI
<map xml:id="{$t/@xml:id}">
if ($t//tei:title) then
if ($t//tei:idno[@type="penfoldNum"]) then
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Final report for PCA

Completed the report for PCA, who signed off yesterday, and sent it on to SD and EG-W.

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