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MDH: 165 - 1 = 164 hours G&T

In a couple of hours late; stayed one hour late.

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MVP: more progress with -ography generation

I've now added placename handling to the -ography generation code. In the process, I discovered that the same identifiers have been used for people and places in a number of cases. These will be disambiguated by KT, but in the meantime, I've added traps for them so that the XML file which is generated does not have id collisions. The -ography file is now generated from itself, and can preserve any descriptive data in e.g. <p> or <desc> tags which already exist in the file, while replacing the counts etc.

I've sent detailed instructions to KT on how to use search-and-replace to transition to the use of <rs> instead of persName, and to a single -ography file from the separate people and places files maintained previously.

Now I'm working on counting speeches and lengths of speeches for each character.

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Four new 1859 documents added to the collection

Four new correspondence documents from 1859 have been added to the correspondence, transcribed by Marion Massey and marked up by Petria Arienzale. The total document count is now 7151.

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Searched through clusius texts, found account of meeting between fuchs and vesalius... transcribed (took a while... in German and set in black letter typecast...Fraktur), will translate from German at home. Found Senac citation - transcribed. Marked up Senac - saved in xml to be added folder. Found one letter from Charles de l'Ecluse to de Thou in an online edition of histoire universelle.... transcribed. needs mark up.

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