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Checking proofs

Going over to the bookstore to check the latest proof...

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Built out the P&A site structure

Built the complete P&A site structure down to the bottom level pages, and organized the navigation. Remaining to be done: additional-marketing and external-links.

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MVP: Generating -ographies for Nostromo

I've written some simple XSLT to compile a file called serOgraphies.xml from the three input files KT says are basically ready. The entries look like this:

<item xml:id="Charles">
   <rs n="1">Charles</rs>
   <rs n="3">Charles Gould</rs>
   <rs n="6">Don Carlos</rs>
   <rs n="2">Don Carlos Gould</rs>
   <rs n="1">Gould</rs>
   <rs n="4">Señor Administrador</rs>
   <rs n="2">Señor Administrador of the San Tomé Mine</rs>
   <rs n="1">their Señor Administrador</rs>

The @n values are the counts of instances of that particular epithet, so "Charles" occurs once, "Charles Gould" occurs three times, and so on.

I found and fixed a few encoding errors and oddities in the transcription files at the same time.

This is generated from <persName> tags, but it's simple to change to <rs> tags, add <event>s, etc. It's likely that tagging in the text will shift to <rs> from <persName>, so that e.g. non-human characters such as animals can be accommodated.

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April 3 - Transcribed and Marked up "strada", saved in the "xml to be added" folder. Searched through Traité des maladies des femmes ... Avec un catalogue chronologique ... Astruc, Jean, 1684-1766. for Vesalius vivisection, but he does not mention him by name. Some info on Bottonus. Only copies of Albertinus Bottonus' traite sur les maladies des femmes (for vivisection reference) is in latin, in libraries in europe (worldcat - de morbis muliebribus). Searched texts for the firsthand account recorded by Swabian poet Martinus Crusius of anecdote involving Fuchs and Vesalius. Found Guillaume Fabri's Observations Chirurgiques, used table of contents to try and locate vesalius anecdote... am going to have to go through page by page.
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NLP course: programming assignment #3

I'm now doing most of this work in my free time, but I completed and submitted the third programming assignment this morning. Still managing to keep up and stay on schedule. :-)

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MVP: Detailed plan for AT

Based on my meeting notes and some subsequent thinking, I've created a detailed plan for AT, for the Tarr markup, and sent it to him and KT.

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