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a little bit of everything

This past weekend I completed a T.E.I. workshop offered by the DHSI ... Today I organised a short list of little questions to ask Greg on Friday. I also looked into the Niceron latin text, need to get translation / maybe Helene to look at it for mark up... marked up Lancisi, and Terilli, went through all xml texts to insert and toggle bibliographical comments as well as gap reason="sampling"/ to replace [...] , and inserted pb/ and cb/ ... found zwinger and levinus pdfs, must locate the accounts within these texts.
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relocate pointer to svn repo, update data files

used switch --relocate oldURL newURL to point local copy to new URL for svn repo.
switch --relocate,

updated my local files, then used the exist admin client to upload 4 modified data files to the database.
Root of svn tree is at

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Two instances of maps folder, one working, one not

On the verigin site there is a maps folder in the explosion folder which contains just empty index pages. There is also a maps folder in the context folder which contains index pages and maps pages: Rather than duplicate the data, I've changed all the links I could find to the first (non-functional) instance so they point to the second (working) instance. As some of those links are in the navigation bar for the explosion section, that violates the UI convention, so I've asked Merna if she wants me to leave things as is, or remove the links from the nav bar. Also, I've put a link to the working instance on the non-working instance in case anyone stumbles into the non-working instance.

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