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MDH: 177 - 2 = 175 hours G&T

Leaving early.

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Change William Allen id to "william_allen"

DONE 2012-03-26: The xml:id for the William Allen is currently "william", which is very confusing; change it to "william_allen", and change refs to it, so it's not confused with the Brig William.

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Mnor update to PacificAsia site

On MK's instructions.

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More progress on tokenizing/parsing etc.

I've had to resort to a second pass through the data to count offsets, and that's now working reliably. I've also got the reconstitution of hyphenated words at linebreaks working, but only most of the time; for some reason, when the linebreak precedes a <fw> element, the reconstitution fails. I'm still working on that, but it's very mysterious. I'll probably have to create some test data rather than working on real files until I get it sorted out.

All in all, though, very promising progress.

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Tweaks for vol 20

Met with JT -- some issues discussed, leaving corrections to be made tomorrow, and a decision re the cover, where there will not be enough space for reviews in the TOC: we will have a single entry for reviews on the cover (but not inside, obviously).

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French site: figuring out history of Boréal/Colloquium

LSPW and I have been trying to track the history of Boréal and how it relates to the Grad colloquium. This is what we learned:

  • On the old site, there were two locations where Grad Colloquium data was stored: www/grad_colloquium, and www/web_pages/grad_colloquium. The former is a partial copy of the latter; only the latter is complete.
  • The website had information for colloquia starting in 2003; as the years went on, more and more data tended to be stored, culminating in full PDFs for all the presentations.
  • In 2007, the colloquium introduced itself as Boréal No. 1, which makes it look as though a journal issue was intended, but there is no sign that a single PDF was produced; all the individual article PDFs seem to number pages from 1. The UVic library has no catalogue entries for a journal called Boréal.
  • 2008 introduces itself as Boréal No. 2, and also has lots of article PDFs.
  • 2009 does not seem to mention Boréal at all, although it has lots of PDFs for articles.
  • After 2009, the material is not organized into folders, but there are PDFs for colloquia in 2010 and 2011.

LSPW will create a new page in current_students/graduate which has an accordion with one section for each year; the introductory material for each year can be copy/pasted from the index.php files, and links to the articles listed.

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