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MDH: 175 + 2 = 177 hours G&T

Late duty...

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Update to City Talks site

... on KE's instructions.

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Invisible link issue on French site

ST solved a long-standing issue in the Xenu broken link report for the French site. Apparently when a number of pages were originally created, they were made by copy/pasting from the existing site. That site had links to a Contact page, which were then deleted -- except that what was deleted was only the text, not the anchor tag, so the links were still there, invisible. Deleted them all, except for one reported by ST on a page which no longer seems to exist (french/current-students/graduate/colloquium/index.php). Wrote to LSPW to find out what happened to that page.

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Meeting of the Versioning group

Interesting discussions of personographies, referencing with private URI schemes, and centralized authority databases at the first meeting of the versioning group.

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Timesheet admin

Posting time spent on timesheets (SA is away, so did TNB's timesheet too).

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Two more NLP video lectures

Getting towards the end of the week one materials.

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Work on documentation and crediting MM

Added appropriate credit to MM for her transcription work, and began the process of pulling documents from Google Docs into the actual repo, which is a bit easier to keep track of. Found one suitable document to get PCA started with full-doc transcription, and created a simple guide to the file/id/naming convention for our collection. Wrote a detailed assignment for PCA and sent it. This process will include a check that our Guidelines document in fact provides enough guidance for a encoding a complete new document. Most likely we will be expanding it in the next week or two as PCA starts to add new transcriptions.

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Update to Beck site

At PAB's request. And some preliminary discussion of moving it to Cascade.

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"Interviews" - project

Received email from PL with project summary.
Printed off waiver release forms as requested.

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HCMC accounting

Purchased supplies for special project ("Interviews").
Completed reimbursement.

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