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Entered author's proofing corrections for Allen article

One more set still waiting.


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October 17

Looking for errors in Pausanias. Ended at 1.11.7. Sorted out genealogy issues in PYRR2 as well as looked at multiple people in the ANDR6, PERG4, and NEOP1 family tree. Told Greg that PAUS links in citations still don't work.
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TEI - keynote

Contacted GdRR, keynote, advised her I will meet her upon arrival at Victoria airport.
(cc'd JJ)


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MDH: 409 + 2 = 411 hours G&T + 0.5 days CTO

Trying to get machine to a point where I can work tomorrow without much pain; and getting laptop updated so it has more chance of working in the lab on Wednesday.

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VPN & English 500

Got the list of students and poems from AC and built the teaching package. I optimize it a bit every time I do it. Will test the download in the lab tomorrow.

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Setting up yet another encrypted volume

Put the new HD into the machine and tried to do a direct dd copy from the old HD in a USB cradle, but the operation failed at the same point twice (after about 15GB). In the end, I created a new encrypted volume on the new disk, formatted it as ext4 and set an scp job going to bring everything down from Rutabaga. The results will be pretty messy, I know, but there's no real alternative. I'll have to do a bunch of chmods to handle .svn folders and such; it may be simpler to check things out again. If it's possible to get my VMs off the old drive, that's the next thing to try because those aren't backed up. Only the Windows one gets used, though, and that's easy to rebuild if necessary.

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Converting shapefiles; calculating area of lots

I've written three tiny scripts to generate usable data in GML, GeoJSON and KML from the binary ESRI shapefiles created with QGIS, and I've added all those the repo. I've been investigating the simplest way to generate usable area calculations, and it seems to be this:

ogrinfo -dialect SQLite -sql 'SELECT ST_Area(geometry)/10000 FROM Plan47534' Plan47534.shp
which generates a text output like this:
INFO: Open of `Plan47534.shp'
      using driver `ESRI Shapefile' successful.

Layer name: SELECT
Geometry: None
Feature Count: 2
Layer SRS WKT:
ST_Area(geometry)/10000: Real (0.0)
  ST_Area(geometry)/10000 (Real) = 0.597841877829159

  ST_Area(geometry)/10000 (Real) = 0.7206513230636

This should be parsable with XSLT (for instance), so an ant task to generate all these things, and hook them up with their lot ids (in ogr:UID elements in the GML files), then generate a stack of SQL statements to update the databases, would seem to be straightforward, if JSR wants us to go that way tomorrow.

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Received final information from keynote #2 (GdelRR); completed UVic-Hotel-reservation-authorization form; sent to purchasing.(cc'd JJ)


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October 13 Pausanias

I edited some issues of genealogy in ERIC2 and PAND2's trees and PTOL2's family tree.
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Looking for errors in PAUS

Duplicate found in Zeus's events
- EVEN 24044 & 24029
- deleted EVEN24029

Found two places for Mount IDA (Turkey)
- One was named "j"(MOUN9) the other "IDA"(IDAA2) their coordinates were 6km apart
- MOUN9 was replaced with IDAA2
- The coordinate from IDAA2 was kept and the pleiades link from MOUN9 was used

note: A new place for Mount IDA (crete) or dicte cave may have to be created

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