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Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 120

Consistency checks done

Did some more work over the weekend to turn the report into more user-friendly HTML. Now done, unless we can think of any other checks to add.

Permalink 02:06:41 pm, by sarneil, 152 words, 5 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 90

get rid of left column (secondary nav)

Uni 101 site wanted no left column. I used the administration/site configuration and tried to set the block for 07-secondary-navigation to "no block", but when I submitted that change, the configuration appeared not to be updated (i.e. the path to the block still appeared there) and the page itself still allocated space on the left side.

Wrote to JS, and she said she set 07-secondary-navigation and 08-quicklinks to "no block" and that generated the desired effect. (The site configuration now shows empty for those two content areas, and the actual page shows the main content area extending to the left edge.) I still don't understand what caused the behaviour I got. I did not set 08-quicklinks to "no block", so maybe failing to do that causes Cascade to ignore the fact that I did set 07-secondary-nav to "no block". I haven't tested that.

(reposted from entry accidentally posted to vacation blog)


Permalink 03:03:26 pm, by jnazar, 18 words, 5 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 30

Germanic and Slavonic Studies - New Cascade site

New site now provisioned in new template version

Next steps:
- JN begin build out of new site

Permalink 03:01:40 pm, by jnazar, 19 words, 6 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 420

Pacific and Asian Studies (new template Cascade)

In progress:

- relocating more content into various sections of new template version

Next steps:

- continue relocating content

Permalink 02:30:51 pm, by mholmes, 4 words, 8 views   English (CA)
Categories: G&T Hours; Mins. worked: 0

MDH: 256 - 2 = 254 hours G&T

Leaving a little early.

Permalink 02:27:41 pm, by mholmes, 36 words, 10 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 300

More progress with consistency checks

Added checking of ids against spreadsheet of proposed urls, and also a crude but workable similarity metric that detects possible duplicate bibl entries.

The next stage is to make this a nice HTML page for output.


Permalink 04:47:09 pm, by mholmes, 15 words, 7 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 150

Grant application work

Went to the Knowledge Mobilization workshop, and then worked on the BCGenesis application with KSW.

Permalink 04:46:15 pm, by mholmes, 13 words, 11 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 60

Updated documentation on consistency checks

Also removed the old page from the site, since it's no longer needed.

Permalink 01:19:47 pm, by mholmes, 10 words, 6 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 120

Grant application work

Did some writing, planning and budgeting for the Endings project.


Permalink 08:42:19 pm, by mholmes, 40 words, 10 views   English (CA)
Categories: Activity log; Mins. worked: 20

Added one more consistency check...

... to diagnostics.xsl: check for refs instead of names. The only remaining one from the original XQuery version is the check for potentially duplicate bibl entries. That'll take some thought. I used a similarity metric written in Java for that.

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