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April 17-19 - Pausanius Errors List

I have been working down the length of the Pausanius errors list that was created by Jazz. For the most part, the list contains places that need to be created with accompanying geo-referencing links from both Pleiades and from the vertex. For the majority of the places that I have created, I am able to link to geo-spaces with both sites, however there are some entries that I have created that are either a) a singular reference point for both, and so I have left them with only one reference (to Pleiades) or (rarely) that I am unable to find whatsoever. I am updating the Paus Errors list daily. I am on "D", I have no idea where I will get to by the end of my contract hours, however, I plan to take the list that Deia has provided and integrate it with Jazz's list to ensure that the next person who works on this project is not just checking redundancies. Due to the nature of this work being somewhat slow and repetitive, I am only updating the blog every few days rather than everyday, for the sake of not being completely repetitive. Please leave me a note here if you want to know more or email me amorenamae@gmail.com if there is something that you need to know more immediately that I am able to help with.


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fix urlencode problem on photo.php pages

I recently added urlencode() to the invocation of $_GET variables in each of 11 photos.php files. That solved the problem of vulnerability to code-injection attack, but as one of the variables was a pathname, the "/" characters were encoded and thus when that argument was passed on, the encoded path of course failed. I added a function to unencode just the slash characters and passed the urlencoded path to it, thus returning a path in which all potentially dangerous characters other than the "/" are still escaped. That should make the page useable and secure.
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Version 6.1 beta published

Mariage version 6.1 has been built and pushed to the live server. In the build process, found and reported a linkchecker bug.


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Started next vol 26 article

ODT-based encoding done, file created, bibliography encoded, metadata done, opening done.

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Keats: a few more poems encoded

Did three more of the poems for which we have curated texts from KB.


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MDH: 411 + 1 = 412 hours G&T + 1.5 days CTO

Pushing ahead with Endings work before it gets overwhelmed by new projects kicking off.

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Graves: Google search done; Solr search page coming along

Over the weekend I set up a Google Custom Search for Graves, and integrated it into the site. I did some final bugfixing this morning and that now seems to be working.

Today I got back into working on the Solr search, and after a quick addition to the Solr index (which will have to be propagated to the Library's Solr servers if they agree to host the index), I've built a large "Advanced search" page which has lots of options for filtering by named entities and so on. I've got the form completed, and I've started on the JS class which will handle the actual search. I'm developing against my local install of Solr, which is working well.

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April 16th

Today I continued reading PAUS 3. I created THEO5; POLE2, EURY64, ANAX8, EURY65, LEON5, ANAX9; CLEO28, DORI8, LEON6; PLEI5; ISAG1; DEMA1, ARIS18, AGES3, LEOT1, and ASTA2. I also added all these characters to their respective genealogies and the organisation of Spartan Royal Family. I worked up to 3.4.5.
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Serv: spreadsheet output from DB

File in the /build folder called db_to_spreadsheet.php that creates an approximation of the original spreadsheet with info obtained from various tables in the db. Outputs a text file called db_to_spreadsheet.txt into the same folder as soon as the page is loaded. I'm using \t for the field delimiter and \n for the line delimiter. The character encodings are wobbly. I'm getting consistent and apparently correct results with either of these methods: 1) - right-click on View Text File link and save the file as db_to_spreadsheet.txt - Open file in text editor (tell it the file is Latin_windows_1 encoding), then set the character encoding on the file to UTF-8, save file. - in Excel, Import as text file, set character encoding to UTF-8, choose "delimited" not "fixed width", choose tab as delimiter character. 2) - click on the View Text file link, see the text in the browser window. - select text in browser window, copy - open text editor, paste text in, ensure character encoding is UTF-8 and save file - in excel, Import as text file, set character encoding to UTF-8, choose "delimited" not "fixed width", choose tab as delimiter character.


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Excellent progress with Solr

After consulting with BJ, I've now got the Graves build process creating a collection of XML files optimized for Solr indexing with the default schema, and I've tested them with a local Solr instance. I'm confident I can build a nicely-faceted search page which uses a remote Solr backend to support rich queries with syntax highlighting. This was a little easier than I thought it was going to be. I think I like Solr quite a lot.

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