HCMC Staff

The job titles and reporting structure for staff in the HCMC are as shown just below. For more details on each person's interests, responsibilities and accomplishments, click on the person's name.

All staff members report to the Digital Humanities committee, which is chaired by the Associate Dean of Humanities (Sikata Banerjee).

Our formal education and background is in the humanities and education. Amongst us we have graduate education or expertise in:

We have expertise in a wide range of software technologies, including:

Judy Nazar - Office Administrator


phone: 250 721 8294
email: jnazar@uvic.ca

Areas of responsibility and accomplishment

Judy began her career as Language Laboratory Assistant with the University of Victoria Humanities Computing and Media Centre, formerly known as the Language Centre, in 1968. Her love of languages, and in particular, interests in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture and Studies, has led to a fascinating and rewarding career at the University of Victoria. Administrative, training, academic and technical responsibilities evolved with the growth of the Centre. Currently she is responsible for administering operations of the Centre; assisting with special project(s) management; organizing and participating in various academic conferences and multimedia workshops; maintaining the archives, inventory and media data-bases. Judy also maintains departmental websites, with a focus on those based on the current university templates. With specific interests in languages and student learning, Judy is currently co-coordinating the development of American Sign Language and Deaf Culture/Studies credit courses on campus.

Stewart Arneil - Head of Research and Development


phone: 250 472 5679
email: sarneil@uvic.ca

Areas of responsibility and accomplishment

Stewart is responsible for: creating project specifications, supervising work flow for projects and developing client and server software and websites. He also sits on the Digital Humanities committee and ensures that activities and operations in the R and D office are consistent with strategic priorities and policies set by the committee.

Stewart has 20 years experience in both private and public sectors in the design, management and development of software with specific interests in project design and management, language learning, and training people in the appropriate use of technology in research, teaching and learning. He has an M.A. in Computational Theory, certification as an Instructional Designer and a Master's Certificate in Project Management. He is a founder and partner (with Martin Holmes) in Half-Baked Software Inc., a company created with the university to commercially exploit software created in part by Stewart in the HCMC.

Currently Stewart is working on a database of Renaissance and Early Modern German medical records for use by people interested in history of medicine or German linguistics. He's also working on a database of capital trials at the Old Bailey courthouse which connects the court records with other published documents for each case, and presents a visualization that allows researchers to see trends and patterns in the data (attributes of the convicted or of the sentencing) over decades or centuries. He's also at the planning stages of a project to present 19th century serial publications with a focus on those features particular to the original publication of the works (e.g. engravings, placement in time of each section of each serially published work in relation to other sections of the same and of other serially published works) and which may have been lost when the works were collected into a monograph.

Stewart is a technical consultant to and is maintaining the Great Unexplained Mysteries in Canadian History website; supervised the production of the London Map project and maintains the code; supervised the Lansdowne Video Markup project and is modifying that codebase for use in the FrantcoToile project; wrote project specifications, coordinated developers and managed contractors on the VIHistory project; adapted that code for use in the Index of Early Victoria Newspapers project; supervises or writes the code for a number of websites (including this one) and administrative databases such as the Philosophy in Review database and a course scheduling database.

Stewart's CV
Corporate site for Half-Baked Software.

Martin Holmes - Programmer/Consultant


phone: 250 721 8754
email: mholmes@uvic.ca

Areas of responsibility and accomplishment

Martin Holmes has a B.A. (Hons) in English and an MPhil for research in Phonology, as well as the RSA/Cambridge Dip. TEFLA. He has taught English as a second/foreign language in Britain, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, Saudi Arabia and Canada. About ten years ago he moved from teaching into programming with an emphasis on creating online language teaching materials, and has recently been focusing on both electronic and traditional print publishing using XML-based technologies. He is a founder and partner (with Stewart Arneil) in Half-Baked Software Inc., a company created with the university to commercially exploit software created by Stewart and Martin in the HCMC. He has also published several pieces of educational software independently.

His recent projects include the Colonial Despatches collection, the Robert Graves Diary project and Le mariage sous L'Ancien RĂ©gime. He is currently a member of the Text-Encoding Initiative Council.

Martin's Website
Martin's CV
corporate website for Half-Baked Software

Greg Newton - Network Administrator


phone: 250 472 5680
email: gregster@uvic.ca

Areas of responsibility and accomplishment

Greg holds a B.A. (double-major) in English and History, a post-degree diploma in Applied Linguistics and a Masters in Education (Educational Technology). He has a diverse background which includes stints as a librarian, paramedic, truck driver and jail guard.

Greg has recently been adding to his web-development skillset (PHP/MySQL etc.) by learning XQuery, XPath, XSLT and related languages. In addition to his responsibilities as a programmer Greg determines HCMC hardware/software requirements and deploys/maintains HCMC workstation and server systems.