HCMC Welcome

Humanities Computing and Media Centre

The mandate of the HCMC is to further research, teaching and learning in the faculty of Humanities, in particular the fields of Humanities Computing and Language Learning, and those aspects of other fields involving audio, video or computing technology. We host a research and development office which develops web applications, websites, on-line databases and application programs, and manage a room of bookable computer workstations for use by faculty, research assistants etc. participating in projects supported by the HCMC.

On this site you'll find information on how we can help you whether your interest is research (e.g. literary or linguistic analysis, electronic editions, research websites), teaching (using multimedia labs, creating online exercises, instructional databases), editing (e.g. managing a conference, editing a journal, maintaining a department website), or the operations of the HCMC. We also have a section specifically aimed at students. Please use the navigation bar on the left or the search box to the right to move into the site.

How to request HCMC involvement in a proposed project

We've implemented a new procedure for reviewing project proposals requiring HCMC labour (software development, training) or resources (computer workstations, audio/video or digitizing equipment). The changes will have greater effects on grant-supported and larger-scale proposals. If you're thinking about submitting a project proposal which will involve the HCMC, see the page on our process for Planning a Project, especially the section on writing a project proposal.